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Vallarta's climate is similar to that of the Hawaiian Islands as it is found on the same latitude.

The average general temperature is 26° Centigrade, and the climate is considered humid with dry and warm winter and spring seasons, the winter season not being very defined. Vallarta enjoys more than 250 sunny days a year.

The rainy season starts in June and last until mid-October, averaging 115 rainy days, with afternoon showers and occasional thunderstorms that tend to cool things off for the night. The annual precipitation is 1,417.5 millimeters.

Winds Nominal winds are in the southeasterly direction.

Tropical storms are produced during the months of September and October, which is the hurricane season in the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Concerned about hurricanes? Puerto Vallarta has only had one serious one in the last 35 years.


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